The entire Lakefield Triathlon event will be situated on the beautiful campus of Lakefield College School, located at 4391 County Rd 29, Lakefield ON.


  • Restricted Parking — up until the warm-ups begin at 7:30am, parking will be available on-site at Lakefield College School, but those parked on campus will be unable to leave until all races are complete at approximately 2:20pm, unless parked in the Limited Parking lots listed below. Please only park in designated lots (marked on the map with a P on the map below).
  • Limited Parking — limited parking will be available in 2 lots next to the main campus driveway (across from the Chapel and next to Facilities building) and access to these lots will be available throughout the day from the North entrance only (see the map below).
  • Alternate Parking — if the Limited and Restricted parking on campus are full or inaccessible as outlined above, parking is available along Stewart Drive in Lakefield, and behind the Lakefield-Smith Community Centre. The race site is a 200–800m uphill walk from this parking. In this case, you may drop off athletes and their equipment at the South Entrance to the school before turning around to park off site.

Road Closures

On Sunday 25 June 2023 from 8am until 3:45pm

  • All roads on the campus of Lakefield College School will be closed to all vehicular and pedestrian traffic,
  • Police, Fire and Ambulance services will be able to access the closed roads; and,
  • Residents along the road closure will be unable to drive to or from their property, and are asked to park beyond the road closure and walk, if they need their vehicles.


  • Medical — Peterborough County EMS and volunteer First Aiders will be providing on-course medical services and will be available in the medical tent at the finish line, while NL lifeguards will be providing on-water emergency services. The local fire and ambulance services are located 2 minutes from our event, and there is an AED device on-site.
  • Toilets — portable toilet facilities will be available at the waterfront.
  • Food — basic finish line snacks will be available for athletes.
  • Equipment — only rudimentary assistance with equipment repairs will be available on-site at the bicycle inspection.
  • Indoor space — please note we will not be using any of the indoor spaces of the Lakefield College School facilities.


This will be an exciting event to watch, and there will be many opportunities to see the racers pass on their multiple laps of the bike and run courses. During the draft legal events for the 14–15 and 16–19 age groups, athletes will be trying to form packs of cyclists in order to gain aerodynamic advantage over other racers.

Please be mindful of the lack of defined boundaries, such as curbs and sidewalks, along much of our bike and run course, and stay out of harms way as the racers pass.

For more details, please read about the race in general and the specifics of the swim, bike and run.