The climb up from the lake and back down is picturesque but challenging for some.

Safety Guidelines

  • Athletes must finish at the finish line, and if they elect to withdraw from the race during the run, must check-in at the finish line to notify appropriate event crew.
  • Despite being a closed course, athletes must be mindful of unexpected vehicular or pedestrian traffic.


For 8–9, 10–11, 12–13, 14–15 and 16–19 age groups — Exiting transition and heading initially South, athletes will climb up from the water heading more North until they reach a paved road where they again turn South. At the cul-de-sac, the course turns onto Matthews field and then up around the tennis courts, before returning for a straight run the length of the field. Back on pavement there is a short downhill before crossing back onto grass behind Matthews House where the course descends back to transition and the finish line. Athletes 14–15 and 16–19 complete 2 laps of the run course on each round of their Enduro; and athletes 10–11 complete 2 laps of the run course on their standard triathlon; while all other athletes on this course complete only 1 lap. This course is primarily grass, with 2 sections of asphalt and one short, low wooden bridge.

For 4–5 and 6–7 age groups — Exiting transition to the North but immediately turning South, athletes will briefly follow a forest path to the campus ring road and either turn immediately on to Lefevre Field (200m for athletes 4–5) or continue around the field before heading straight across to the finish (400m for athletes 6–7). This course is a mix of woodchips, asphalt and grass.

All details of the run are subject to change, including courses and distances, as dictated by the conditions, rules, and race officials.

For more details, please read about the race in general, the swim, the bike, and our venue.